The NCC is working with industry and academia to identify, develop and deliver composites training programmes that meet the needs of employers and individuals.

State-of-the-art industrial learning facilities in the newly extended NCC provide a unique opportunity for organisations to have staff trained in a realistic and safe environment. Practical and academic training events are provided for a wide range of composites engineering and manufacturing disciplines. Subjects include today’s technologies as well as specialist courses for emerging materials and processes. Course delivery is designed to support industrial practice and to reflect changes to working methods as new technologies and processes are introduced.

Where suitable workshops and courses already exist, we will work with providers to support their delivery, providing customers with quality assurance and content enhancement where necessary. Where courses do not exist, the NCC will work with industry and academic experts as well as materials and machine suppliers to develop effective workshops and courses. Our wide industrial networks allow us to bring cohorts of learners together to offer greater cost-effectiveness than most companies could achieve independently.

The NCC supports organisation-specific training needs beyond composites technology, such as broader management and CPD courses. Our links through the High Value Manufacturing Catapult Training Group provide access to a considerable portfolio of technical and management courses. IMechE will begin delivery of their extensive range of CPD courses using the new NCC facilities as their Bristol venue from January 2015 (details of these courses are published on

Composites training in an industrial and academic learning environment

As well as our planned schedule of courses and workshops, we are demand-led, so if you have identified current or future skills gaps, don’t hesitate to contact us to help support you in the development of training programs. We can also assist your company with workforce development plans, training needs analysis and apprenticeship frameworks. As the NCC continues to lead the way in the development of composite technologies, the capture of knowledge supporting the development of tomorrow’s skills will be an integral part of the NCC offer.

Subject areas covered:

  • Automated Fibre Placement
  • Curing
  • Laminating
  • Prepreg
  • Resin Infusion

The NCC is working with Composites UK to establish a CAP scheme (Composites Assured Practitioner scheme) which is an industry run scheme to develop and identify existing competency of Laminators and Technicians. Further details will be provided as the industry working group develops the underpinning standards. In the meantime please contact for details.

If you have any training requirements or would like to discuss developing a course please contact:

To access the NCC Training Schedule 2018 -19, please click on the attachment below:

 +44 (0) 117 370 7600