Fundamentals of Metallurgy

The National Composites Centre (NCC) is delighted to work in collaboration with the AMRC to deliver this course.

This course is being run at The National Composites Centre by AMRC - BOOK HERE

Course aims

This course provides a basic understanding of the relationships between structure, properties and processing of the most important industrial metals and explains the terminology and test methods associated with key metal properties. The use of phase diagrams and heat treatments to control the microstructure and hence the material properties is covered. Guidance is provided on the selection of appropriate metal alloys for a specific applications. Quality standards pertaining to alloy compositions and processes are explained.

Who Should Attend?

This course is aimed at professionals with little or no background in metals or materials science. A basic level of scientific understanding would be helpful. Typical attendees include; directors, financial & legal staff, human resources, marketing and sales professionals.

A module of the QCF level 3 Certificate in Metallurgy qualification

Course Duration: 1 day

Price: £400


• Explain the key properties of metals
• Discuss the pros & cons of various metals & alloys
• Understand the winning & processing of ores
• Familiarity with metal product manufacturing processes
• Explain basic metal tests & specifications
• Match metals/alloys to a variety of applications
• Understand metallurgical terminology

Review of Existing Knowledge
• Periodic table of the elements
• Metals vs polymers, ceramics, composites
• Classes of metal and alloy
• Properties of Metals
• Metallurgy & Materials Science
Corrosion of Metals
• Passivation
• Galvanic Corrosion
• Pitting Corrosion
• Crevice Corrosion
• Stress Corrosion Cracking
Structure of Metals
• Crystal structures
• Grains & orientation
• Microscopes & microscopy
• Phase Diagrams
• Control of metal properties
Processing of metals
• Metal extraction
• Iron & steelmaking
• Titanium & Aluminium production
• Casting
• Forging
• Heat treatment
Properties of Metals & How they are measured
• Tensile testing, stress & strain
• Toughness
• Hardness
• Creep
• Fatigue
• Corrosion
Metal Applications
• Steels
• Titanium alloys
• Copper alloys
• Nickel alloys
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