TSB announces £8.5m CR&D competition "Make it lighter, with less"

The TSB has just announced its £8.5m CR&D competition “Make it lighter, with less” to support collaborative R&D projects to develop advanced materials and manufacturing technologies.

This competition aims to strengthen the UK’s collective expertise in lightweighting, and to develop a more robust and competitive supply base.

It will require consortia to have representation from at least two different industry sectors as well as the supply chain.

A business partner will generally attract up to 50% public funding (60% in the case of SMEs), with a maximum funding of 30% of total eligible costs to a research technology organisation such as the NCC.

Proposals are expected to be in the range of £1m to £3m with a total fund allocation of £8.5m.


Proposals must aim to achieve at least one of the following four outcomes:

•             cost-effective material/manufacturing technologies that will deliver a step-change in weight reduction for a given system or product requirement

•             designs and production processes that enable substitution or reduction of lightweight materials which are scarce, harmful or difficult to recycle

•             significantly improved resource efficiency for lightweight materials through manufacturing/product/service solutions which eliminate high levels of waste

•             tangible steps towards a more sustainable, more UK-centric supply base and manufacturing capability in resource-efficient lightweighting solutions.

Proposals can include activities which help develop, demonstrate and communicate knowledge and industry best practice across different sectors, leading to the quicker establishment of common specifications for material/product standards. Such activities must be closely linked to the project’s key innovation outcomes, and must represent no more than 5% of total project costs.

For further information please contact paul.gallen@nccuk.com.

 +44 (0) 117 370 7600