Q&A Session with Ed Miliband at the NCC - 07/04/2015

The NCC hosted a visit from Ed Miliband, Leader of the Labour party, this week to enable our staff and the NCC industrial Members and partners to ask any questions.

Questions were on core topics of science and the future for composites technology, through to ones on issues as wide ranging as; supporting young people, Europe, the NHS, ending zero-hours contracts, tuition fees, immigration and does spelling matter on ballot papers! 

We were pleased that Ed praised the innovative work of the NCC and was impressed by our large press.

You can view the full answers with off-camera questions from NCC staff and others here.

Above: Ed Miliband talks about Europe's largest open-access press with Colm McKeown, High Volume Manufacturing Engineering Capability Lead at the NCC.


Above: Ed Miliband at the NCC.


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