NCC at the Second International Symposium on Automated Composites Manufacturing - 23/04/2015

On 23rd April 2015, NCC Research Engineers, Mattia di Francesco (EngD student) and Peter Giddings (Manufacturing Process Simulation) will be presenting at the Second International Symposium on Automated Composites Manufacturing in Montreal, Canada. NCC research that enables significant reduction of both cost and risk in manufacture of convex corners using automated fibre placement will be described in two presentations, detailing the complementary simulation and testing methods developed within the NCC.

The NCC researchers will join international researchers attending the second running of this symposium that attracted one hundred and twenty participants (both industry and academia) from eight countries who participated into the first event. The symposium will enable the NCC to gather the latest insights into many topics covering the study of the automated manufacturing of thermoset and thermoplastic composites including: causes of processing defects and their influence on the final properties, novel machine designs, control and programming softwares, and unique structures that can be made using automated composite manufacturing.

For more information about the conference, please click here. You can view the conference programme here.

If you've already registered to attend and would like to have a chat with Mattia and Peter, please contact or to arrange a meeting.

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