NCC at Materials in Demanding Environments Scoping Workshop

Nigel Keen from the NCC Business Development team attended a scoping event held at the TWI NDT centre at Port Talbot and facilitated by KTN Ltd on behalf of the Innovate UK Advanced Materials team on Thursday of last week.

This consultation event aimed to identify new materials technologies that might provide solutions for service in extreme environments and to identify what those environmental challenges. The challenges are many, and clear opportunities emerged, with potential for cross-sectoral take-up.

The group were also asked to comment on the UK's capability to support industrial exploitation of novel materials, and the UK's capability to get these novel materials into new products. There was a particular focus on whether there was adequate testing capability in the UK, and whether this aspect of the UK infrastructure might benefit from future government support, or reorganisation in some form.

Key outcomes from the discussions were a trend and requirement for multi-environment service simulation tests, coupled with informed test design and interpretation capability, and a robust route to create new standards, codes and accreditation.

Innovate UK will launch a £2m competition in January 2015 aimed at funding 12-month feasibility projects, targeting new materials and extreme environments, barriers to market entry, and making the business case for further funding support.

If you have a novel material or process resulting in properties that significantly extend the performance envelope, there is still time to influence the call by attending the London Scoping Event.
If you think the NCC can help you with a project idea you have in this domain, please contact

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