NCC-ACCIS Seminars

A series of monthly seminars between the NCC and the ACCIS department at the University of Bristol has just been launched and will run from January 2014 up until June 2014. These seminars will be held both at the NCC and ACCIS on an alternating basis (in January the seminar will be held at the NCC, in February at ACCIS, etc.) with ACCIS members coming to the NCC to present and NCC members presenting at the university.

The aim of this series of seminars is to give a better insight on the research work currently being undertaken at both faculties. Through these seminars, the aim is to raise awareness on current work and reap any opportunities that will arise for further cooperation between the two sides. The seminars will also be advertised to the industrial members of the NCC who are welcome to attend, with the aim to promote an even closer and more extensive cooperation between industry and academia.

The full seminar programme with presenters, dates and topics will be published shortly.

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