National Composites Centre facility making great progress

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Work is progressing well on the construction of the National Composite Centre at Emersons Green, SPark in Bristol. All the technical needs are being incorporated into the building work, such as the deep pit for the siting of the 10 metre by 3 metre autoclave, weighing 85 tonnes. The construction work is on track to be completed by mid April, even though it has been hampered by the severe weather conditions.

Much of the cladding and roofing is in place. The building contractor, Kier Weston, is working hard to progress all aspects of the building, despite some recent difficulties laying concrete, which needs to be carried out in warmer weather than that experienced recently! The next big milestones are drains and the foundations for the car park. And we will also be completing the work on the ground floor, with fire protection for steel and other infrastructure.

Karsan Vaghani, Director of Capital Projects at the University of Bristol and in charge of the building, said: “We are making great progress with this. I have never seen a building of this complexity erected in such a short timescale. This is thanks in no short part to the dedication of the contractors, who have had to work against the elements to keep on track. Despite the weather, I am still optimistic that we’ll hit the target and be able to start occupying the building in April.”

(with thanks to Peter Brett Associates for the image)

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