MSC Apex Half-Day Workshop - Wednesday 26th November 2014

NCC Tier 2 Member, MSC Software, has just launched their brand new Direct Modeling and Meshing solution, MSC Apex, and you are invited to come to the National Composites Centre on Wednesday 26th November to attend a half-day workshop to find out more.

The session, running from 10am to 12:30pm, will help you discover:

  • how MSC Apex can speed the CAD-to-mesh process dramatically;
  • why one customer is describing MSC Apex as “so easy to use, and yet so enjoyable”; and
  • what the world’s first Computational Parts Based CAE System will mean for the traditional simulation process.

If you are unable to attend the session in Bristol, there will be another half-day workshop taking place in Sheffield on Tuesday 25th November.

For more information and to register to attend to any of the half-day workshops, please click here.

 +44 (0) 117 370 7600