HiPerDuCT Industry Event - 15/09/2015

On Tuesday 15th September the National Composites Centre will be hosting the HiPerDuCT Industry Event.

A key limitation of current composites is their brittleness. Failures tend to be sudden and catastrophic, without the yielding or other warning of overloading seen in metals. The HiPerDuCT programme is a £6M, six-year collaboration between the University of Bristol and Imperial College, London. The University of Bristol is researching ways to overcome this limitation by creating high performance composites that fail more gradually. Pseudo-ductile metallic like “yielding” has successfully been achieved by hybridisation and fibre reorientation in tension, and other types of loading are under investigation. Novel architectures have been devised to produce more gradual failure, and progress made towards fully ductile high performance fibres.

The NCC would like to invite the community to register to attend to find out about progress to date, share your requirements for ductility in composites and help shape future research by identifying further challenges and potential applications in your sector. We anticipate this workshop being of interest to engineers, designers and specifiers of composites in all industries, as well as research and development specialists.

Please download the pdf below for more details including agenda and how to register.


 +44 (0) 117 370 7600