High Value Manufacturing Catapult Simulation Forum visit to NCC

On Tuesday 21st October 2014, the NCC hosted the latest quarterly meeting of the HVM Catapult Simulation Forum. This forum brings representatives from the seven HVM Catapult centres together to strengthen the use of numerical simulation in better understanding and improving quality and efficiency in high value manufacturing processes.

The Simulation Forum acts as a focal point for the HVM Catapult’s unique and wide ranging simulation capabilities from across the broad spectrum of High Value Manufacturing processes, including machining, welding, forging and several advanced composite manufacturing processes.

By bringing experts together to work collaboratively, the forum is actively pursuing three key strands of work:

  • Reaching out to industry to aid adoption of process simulation through creation of awareness, benchmarks and simulation guides;
  • Shaping research policy and funding within the EC by acting as expert panellists; and
  • Planning collaborative research projects to create development pathways to take process simulation from academic research through to industrial application.

In the coming months, the valuable work carried out by the forum and its members will improve the HVM Catapult's position as a key contact point for industrial users of process simulation and will help to build a clear demonstration for the value of process simulation within industrial high value manufacture.

The NCC currently leads the HVM Catapult Simulation Forum activities as wel as the physics based manufacturing process simulation aspect.

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