Happy 25th Birthday to AIC!

AIC is today (27th July) celebrating 25 years of providing services, huge hot drape formers and autoclaves to the advanced materials and composites industries. The company maintains a variety of process control equipment throughout the UK and internationally. Its team of highly skilled engineers not only support, but now provide complete machine refurbishment, new build, control systems, installations, commissioning and training.

The company was established in 1990 to provide support for the products manufactured by Aeroform, with a background of machine design and manufacture. This took the form of service, calibration and commissioning. 

It has since broadened the base of its services to include medical and pharmaceutical applications with calibration to UKAS standards. Operating in accordance with ISO 9001 & ISO 14001, AIC’s engineers are constantly looking to develop their company and skills to deliver the best service to the advanced materials industry.

In 2007 the company acquired Elite Calibrations bringing specialist skills in house. Now AIC offers both laboratory and field based UKAS accredited calibrations, including thermal surveys, AMS2750 and Boeing D649327 whilst supporting a range of mechanical equipment calibrations.

In 2008, Rovic engineering, a local precision engineering company with a background of manufacture and fast turnaround repair for a range of industries, was acquired. Since then, AIC has made significant investment to enhance Rovic’s milling and turning capabilities with the latest CNC equipment. Rovic provides design, project management and sub contract manufacture for aerospace, defence and marine applications to ISO 9001 standards.

AIC opened an office in Singapore in 2009 and has recruited agents throughout the Far East, covering Thailand, China, Malaysia and Japan. The company is taking on more and more work in the region, from manufacture of bespoke equipment to maintenance and service contracts.

Custom Coatings was acquired in February 2009, specialising in aerospace and defence wet paint applications. The company has developed a reputation for quality and reliability during the last twenty years. AIC has a policy to develop skills and quality management enabling our group to deliver the best service to the customer.

Tony Toll, AIC’s Chief Executive, said: “After 25 successful years and from very small beginnings, we are now providing services and advance industrial process equipment to the major companies in aerospace, automotive and Formula 1 industries.

“This success has been built on the back of our highly skilled team of engineers and the future is looking just as promising, with more and more companies seeking our help to ensure their equipment operates as it should, within extremely fine tolerances. Here’s to the next 25 years.”

AIC has a policy to develop skills and quality management enabling the group to deliver the best service to the customer.

For more information, visit www.aicservice.com

 +44 (0) 117 370 7600