Metallurgical Failure Analysis & Prevention

The National Composites Centre (NCC) is delighted to work in collaboration with the AMRC to deliver this course.

This course is being run at The National Composites Centre by AMRC - BOOK HERE

Course aims

Due to increasing demands imposed on high-performance metals and the disastrous and costly results of component failures, the need for designers and engineers to gain an understanding of the fundamental principles of failure investigation and analysis is essential.

This course will enable delegates to determine how and why a metal component has failed or fractured during service and identify means of detecting and preventing such failures in the future

Who should attend
The workshop is suitable for design engineers, production engineers, after-sales professionals, laboratory staff, marketing & sales professionals in all sectors of engineering. It is also applicable to insurance investigators & loss adjusters. Sectors include, for example, aerospace, automotive, conventional powergen, nuclear & renewable energy. A basic understanding of science & engineering principles is assumed.

Course Duration: 1 day

Price: £400

• Understand the metallurgical concepts underlying material integrity & resistance to failure
• Review the mechanisms by which metal products can fail
• Appreciate the multiple of techniques available for investigating failures
• Strategies for determining the mode of failure and how it can be prevented in the future

Basic Metallurgy
• Structure of metals & alloys
• Phase diagrams
• Mechanical properties
• Influence of processing methods
Failure Modes
• Tensile failure
• Fatigue failure
• Corrosion failure
• Embrittlement
Analytical Techniques
• Chemical analysis
• Mechanical testing
• Optical & electron microscopy
• Environmental
• Non-destructive testing
Case Studies
• BP Foinavon
• Liberty ships
• Challenger space shuttle
• Hatfield rail crash


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