Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) and Resin Infusion (RI) Familiarisation

Upcoming dates:

23rd May 2019

11th July 2019 

Course Fees:

£295.00 per delegate

If you have a minimum of 6 delegates and the current planned schedule does not meet your business needs we may be able to set up another course date for you.

Course Overview
This course is an introduction to ‘Closed Moulding’, including examples of various projects and the differences between the various types (Resin Infusion, RTM, Light RTM, VRTM, HPRTM etc.). There will be a general explanation with the fundamental principles of the different processes, considerations relating to pressure and vacuum, advantages and disadvantages of the each process.

Delivery Style
Classroom and workshop

Who should attend?
The course is aimed at individuals who are new to ‘closed mould’ techniques and applications.

Course Duration
1 day

Course Content:
Materials for RTM

  • Fibre types
  • Resin systems
  • Cores
  • Release agents

Equipment for RTM

  • Mixing and non-mixing equipment
  • The interface between the injection machine and the mould
  • The importance of pressure control
  • Other control considerations
  • Automation
  • Problem solving

Resin Infusion

  • Developments in mechanised resin-delivery and process control- the link from RTM to infusion
  • Materials and techniques for infusion- infusion strategies

Tools and Techniques Covered
Practical demonstrations:
Two practical workshop sessions (one morning and one afternoon)

  • Demonstration using a glass-topped flat panel mould to illustrate the VRTM process and to show the effect of the various process parameters.
  • Demonstration of a more complex mould with the inclusion of core materials and integrated metal inserts.
  • Demonstration of the Resin Infusion process

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