Introduction to Composite Materials

Learning Aim:

This course introduces delegates to the constituents of composites materials, including reinforcements, resins, core structures and ancillary materials. These processes will be looked at in the context of their typical applications and the manufacturing processes used. 

Delegates gain an understanding of the basic properties of composite material components and the combined properties of resins and reinforcements. We recommend attending this course as prerequisite to the further learning practical courses.   Each delegate will prepare and produce their own prepreg part in the practical session.   

Learning Style: Theory and practical 

Who should attend? We recommended this course for individuals or groups who are new to the composites industry.  

Duration: 1 Day 

Learning Objectives: 

Theory session: 

  • Define the term composite
  • State 2 properties of fibre and resin
  • Compare different resin systems and fibre reinforcements 
  • Understand room and elevated temperature resin systems
  • Identify and compare woven weave styles
  • Benefits of using composites to build components
  • Identify composite manufacturing processes
  • Introduction to fibre orientation and core materials 

Practical session: 

  • Awareness of health & safety issues and environmental conditions 
  • Produce a prepreg kit and laminate component 
  • Introduction to vac bagging and consumables used
  • Testing vac bags and oven cure

Individual Price: £295 per person 

Group Booking Price: £2360 for up to 10 delegates per course date 

If you would like further information or make a booking enquiry, please contact




 +44 (0) 117 370 7600