ELG Carbon Fibre Ltd to highlight role of recycled carbon fibre in cost effective lightweight structures at JEC World 2016



16th February 2016, Coseley, West Midlands, UK (Hall 5A, Stand L34) - As manufacturers continue to seek out the most advanced material innovations to promote light weight structures, ELG Carbon Fibre Ltd, a leading supplier of carbon fibre products, has responded with the introduction of their Carbiso™ range. At JEC World 2016, ELG Carbon Fibre will be showcasing this unique line of recycled carbon fibre products that offer a cost effective solution to traditional composites in high volume applications.

From a dedicated recovery plant in the West Midlands, ELG Carbon Fibre reclaims carbon fibre from manufacturing and end-of-life waste. This is then converted into products for the composites and compounding industry.

At JEC World 2016, ELG Carbon Fibre will be focusing predominately on their range of Carbiso™ M and Carbiso™ TM isotropic mats. These easy to handle, drapeable mats are compatible with most thermoset and thermoplastic polymers and deliver excellent mechanical properties.

Carbiso™M mats are produced from 100% recycled carbon fibre and can be processed by conventional composite techniques to manufacture structural and semi structural parts.  Carbiso ™ TM products are hybrid mats produced from recycled fibres and comingled with thermoplastic matrixes for press moulding applications.

Both Carbiso™ M and TM mats are available in standard 150 – 500gsm weights and 2.7m widths. To offer customers total flexibility and an entirely tailored solution, the mats can also be manufactured to bespoke specifications.

The introduction of these new products at JEC World 2016 proceeds a very successful growth period for ELG Carbon Fibre. Since the organisation became part of the globally successful ELG Haniel Group in 2011, the company has consistently doubled their output each year culminating in the reclamation of over 1000 tonnes of finished carbon fibre in 2015 which was converted into a wide range of products predominately for the oil and gas and transportation industries.

To learn more about ELG Carbon Fibre’s complete range of recycled carbon products, please visit the team in Hall 5A/ Stand L34 at JEC World 2016 in Paris from the 8th – 10th March.

Frazer Barnes, Managing Director of ELG Carbon Fibre Ltd, and Detlef Drafz, CEO of ELG Haniel GmbH, will be conducting media interviews throughout the show.

Frazer will also be hosting a Technical Sales Presentation at 4pm on Wednesday 9th March entitled “Recycled Carbon Fibres: A New Approach to Cost Effective, Lightweight Structures”.  All visitors are very welcome to attend and no pre-registration is necessary.



About ELG Carbon Fibre Ltd

ELG Carbon Fibre was formed when ELG Haniel acquired Recycled Carbon Fibre in 2011, since then it has created the world’s first and largest carbon fibre recovery plant in Coseley, West Midlands. Whilst ELG continues to optimise the carbon fibre recovery process, the focus of the company is now to develop and industrialise the conversion technologies to manufacture recycled carbon fibre products that can be reintroduced into the supply chain. ELG has an active portfolio of company and collaborative R&D projects and strong connections to many leading universities across the globe. ELG achieved AS/EN9100 quality accreditation in 2015.


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