Design and Simulation Capability Group

Department overview

The National Composites Centre (NCC) offers product lifecycle capability in composite design. The Design and Simulation (D&S) team at the NCC is composed of three specialist teams allowing for full complete product development. Specialists with many years of industry experience combine composite design knowledge with advanced preform structural analysis and simulation of manufacturing processes. This ensures high quality and reliable designs for existing and new industrial-grade products.

The Conceptual Design team offers detailed requirement analysis and proposes improved, optimised and alternative composite designs. Detailed literature reviews outline applicable, proven and novel composite manufacturing techniques and processes.  Using this technology, the NCC can significantly reduce part count and the weight of composites structures, ultimately resulting in high performance, competitive designs.

The Structural Analysis team efficiently performs all aspects of structural simulation. Our engineers combine years of professional experience with a broad range of industrial-grade software applicable for all engineering sectors. The NCC also offers product optimisation services to ensure all design criteria are met before progressing to the manufacturing stage, resulting in cost and time savings in later production.

The Manufacturing Process Simulation team focuses on virtual manufacturing to ensure all components manufactured at the centre, are capable of the high performance required.  Using accurate simulations, the team can validate designs and predict material behaviour throughout the composite manufacturing phases. Using virtual manufacturing, this minimises risk and reduces prototyping costs and material wastage during manufacture. Accurate simulation is key in taking the guesswork out of the production environment, ensuring process accuracy and repeatability.


Main activities

  • Development of design rules
  • Development of analytical methods to aid design process
  • Development of numerical models to predict accurate material response
  • Development of manufacturing process simulation methods (simplification of complex analysis, effect of manufacturing route on completed products)
  • Definition of an efficient end-to-end design process utilising various tools


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