Intermediate Manual Prepreg Techniques

Learning Aim:

This interactive course takes a practical view of the tools and techniques used in prepreg manufacture. The practical sessions will cover layup at elevated temperatures and overnight cure.  Delegates will cover theory and practical techniques used in manual prepreg manufacturing and complete a cured hand lay-up component, using a 3D mould tool and a multi-ply core panel.

Learning Style: Theory and practical 

Who should attend? This course is for practicing technicians in composites manufacture who would like to enhance their knowledge and practical skills.  We recommend attending our Introduction to Manual Prepreg Techniques as a prerequisite or have working experience at the introductory level.   

Duration: 2 Days 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Select 2 prepreg formats and state a reason for your decision
  • Identify 2 technical terms relating to prepreg materials and manufacture
  • Produce a kit to complete component from manufacturing drawings and instructions 
  • Explain the importance of 3 laminating techniques and why they would be used
  • Be able to create vacuum bags for use in an autoclave cure
  • Name 3 prepreg faults and state what could have caused them
  • Candidates will be able to follow and complete quality control documents when manufacturing 
  • Use a manufactures data sheet to assist curing an autoclave component

Individual Price: £590 per person 

Group Booking Price: £3776 for up to 8 delegates per course date 

If you would like further information or make a booking enquiry, please contact 

 +44 (0) 117 370 7600